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ATLAS series

Pearl White Wood Watch & Teak

$79 $139

  • 100% Tempered Natural Wood
  • Swiss Ronda 763 Movement
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass
  • Available Engraving Options
  • Ultra-Light Weight

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  • Write your note with your handwriting on a white paper.

  • Scan or take a photo of the paper.

  • Upload file via below button.


  • Write your engraving note to the below textbox.

  • Also, you may define your certain font type (Arial, Calibri, Georgia etc...).

* Please note that if you don't define a font we will engrave your writing with Arial font.

We recommend to use a tape measure around your wrist to see your size. You may choose your wrist size from below option list.

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Various accessories are made from many types of trees in the world, but you will appreciate that it is not possible to use every wood material for each accessory, either as workability or as a suitability. Teakwood is one of the wood types that we consider suitable for our wooden watches. Quality, durability, nice appearance and color... All in one perfect harmony and exactly what we want. For more technical information about Teakwood, you can visit woods page.


Wrist watch is gradually increasing the curiosity in the men's fashion world. Nowadays, wooden wrist watches have emerged as a good competitor to steel, leather and plastic wrist watches and they are becoming increasingly popular. Men's wooden watches have many advantages over other steel, leather and plastic watches on the market. It's ultra-light, anti-allergic, environmentalist... just a few of them. In addition, the increasing popularity of wooden products makes it possible to attract people's attention in the environments they enter.


Nowadays, Christmas celebration is very important for people and they start preparations with enthusiasm and desire months ahead. Another part of the preparations is to search for and find gifts. People want to choose the most meaningful and most special among the gifts and present them to each other. For these reasons, Christmas is one of the most beautiful gifts. Especially wooden wrist watch is one step ahead of other wrist watches with being different styled...


In Christmas, people do research in many ways when choosing gifts. Naturalness, environmentalism, maybe customizable ... One of the materials in which all of these are together is wood. A wooden gift always affects people deeply. On a very special date such as Christmas, a special gift made of wooden material is very meaningful. Especially if this gift can be personalized, it will be much more meaningful. Giving a message like a special date, name, congratulatory message written on the wood can be a super idea.


Wooden wrist watches are already quite different from other leather, steel and plastic wrist watches in terms of structure, appearance, environmental friendliness and light weight. Another difference of wooden wrist watches is that you can write a special moment, a special date and a special message on the back cover of the watch. This difference adds much more special meanings to the watch and adds value. You can also make them special by using the engraving option on your wooden wrist watches, making your precious memories unforgettable.


One of the most special accessories for men is the wrist watch. Even for many men, wristwatch is a must-have accessory. Due to its distinctive style, stylish appearance and beautiful combination, wooden wristwatches are quite trendy among men recently. For these reasons, men who want to catch the fashion are adding wooden wrist watches to their collections. With their wooden wrist watches, they create a different, stylish and stylish look.


People have always used the gift as an indicator to make someone happy, to tell them or to remember them. Every time they make an effort to find a special gift. Wooden clock is one of the most beautiful, special and unique ways to show your love. You can make the other person very happy by giving you a wooden watch and carry it on to let him remember you. For this, you can start by selecting the timepiece of your choice from our unique collection.