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ROMEO series

Night Blue Wood Watch & Sandalwood

$89 $169

  • 100% Tempered Natural Wood
  • Swiss Ronda 1069 Movement
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass
  • Available Engraving Options
  • Ultra-Light Weight

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A wooden wrist watch sounds good, doesn't it? Although it may seem like new fashion, the history of wooden watches goes back to the 1800s. Wooden timepieces have been developed from day to day and gained a minimal appearance. Because of its style, wooden wrist watches have gained an important place in the world of watches. Of course, wooden timepieces are preferred not only because of their cool appearance, but also they are light, natural, and anti-allergenic and provide ease of use in daily life.


You can see wooden timepieces almost everywhere, but both the real and high quality of the wood and the quality of the watch mechanism may not be present in every product. The most important feature to be considered when buying a wooden watch is that the wood which is used and the production processes of the wood particles. We use the most durable and high quality wood parts in all our watches. Not only that, we apply some special processes to make the wood particles even more durable for use on the arm. If you wish, you can reach the detailed information of the tree types we use in our watches from the woods section.


There are many types of wrist watches on the market. Undoubtedly, the wrist watch is one of the most important accessories we use to present our style. For this reason, sometimes we prefer leather, steel and most differently wooden wrist watch. When you wear a wooden wrist watch, you can look extremely stylish. Svenn Wood Watches are very impressive with their designs. If you want to make a difference with your style, you must take a look at our collection.


According to our customer experience, waterproofing is one of the most hesitant issues before buying a wooden watch. In order to increase water resistance on the wooden surface, tempering process is applied to each part during production. At the same time, tung oil is applied as the last process. It should be noted that the texture of wooden watch is natural and wood is a special product. Thanks to the special processes we apply, it becomes resistant to splashes of water and the sensitivity of moisture in the wood decreases, thus making the wood usable in daily life. Wooden watches are resistant to hand washing and rain, but you will appreciate that the wooden surface is not suitable for swimming or showering.


Woodworking is undoubtedly an art that requires a lot of effort and attention. Wooden watches are also handmade products that are created with great effort and time. We have met with you the perfect timepieces by entrusting the timepieces prepared by our designers to the hands of the masters. Each of our products, minutes, hours are spent by hand as a result of serious work is obtained.


You want to buy a wooden watch, but you see that there are many price options from very cheap to very high prices. The choice is really hard. But if you try to buy a wooden watch by doing some research, you can easily see that very cheap watches are of poor quality and very expensive watches do not really deserve this figure. Svenn Wood Watches offers you reliable figures while keeping the price-quality balance. Make sure that you don't have to pay too high coins to get a quality watch. You can buy very high quality watches from our collections at an affordable price. We keep our profit margin low and offer you the opportunity to buy quality and style wooden watches.