Nowadays, living conditions move away people form the nature and people are caged in big cities, apartments and offices. Everyone imagines escaping from stressful atmosphere to nature for feeling themselves more peaceful and relax. Unfortunately, realization of this opinion is so hard due to living conditions. We want to make feel the nature to you with our wood womens watches, feel natural woods relaxing effect. In recent years, wood watch came into fashion, women started to choose wearing a wooden watch to have different dressing style. Every women try to reveal her style by using various accessories, at this point a wood watch started to be valuable accessory. You may easily combine our wood watches to sport and classic style and you may reach an eye-catching beauty.


We want to help to find the best wooden watch for you at our women’s collection which has sport and classic models. You may have fond memories with customization engraving option. You can choose a certain font or you can use your handwriting, we are engraving your notes on the watch by using your handwriting characters. It is so easy to compose, you are just writing your notes on a white paper with a pen and you are scanning the paper to our mail address. You may look to our female wooden watches collections to choose your watch and customize.


When you look to world of the watches you will find so wide product range and overpriced watches. At this point, we compose the highest quality with affordable price for you. Now, look through to our features of wooden watches. Not have problems due to cheap watches or do not give a lot of money to overpriced watches. 100% natural woods, Swiss movement and sapphire crystal glass have been used at all of the Svenn Watches.

The biggest difference of a wood watch is that coming from nature, high quality woods have been used at our wooden watch body and strap. Sandalwood, Walnut, Ebony, Teak, Zebrawood and Purpleheart woods have been used at our womens wooden watches collection. These woods have been supplied from different locations of World as East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Brazil. Also the most important thing is that these woods have been collected from little trash parts of trees. In addition, we are working with One Tree Planted community which is working for reforestation, conservation.


On the other hand, movement mechanism is so important for long term usage. Swiss movement mechanisms work quieter, have longer battery life and more durable than other mechanisms, so we prefer Swiss Movement at all Svenn Watches for you. We used Swiss Ronda manufacturer which produces movement since long years, you should pay attention to movement quality before you choose your wood watch.

The last but not the least important thing is glass of the watch. Sapphire crystal glass, which is the most durable element after diamond, has been used at all Sveen Wood Watches. Thanks to sapphire crystal glass, you will use your watch as the first day for long years. Sapphire crystal glass does not sketched easily like mineral glass and it is durable element against impacts.


You may prefer wooden watches for her to sticks in the mind at special days. Svenn wood watches are perfect choice when you want to make feel wonderful to her. Also, you may create engraved option on your gift and you may design personalized view.