Nowadays, living conditions are getting harder and we can’t take enough time for ourselves. Now, it is time to return to the nature... Feel the nature on your wrist, relax and create your own style with Svenn Wood Watches. We are offering exclusive watches by using Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass and high quality woods. Create your style with our unique watches. Wearing a watch is an essential part of mens fashion and a wood watch has capability to create different and unique style for men. You will found various wooden watches for men at our collection.

Today, people look to create excited designs and want to customized watches, they are searching wooden watches to develop a style. Engraving option is cut out for creating your style, you may use certain font and also your handwriting to compose your imagination. Our men’s wooden watch collection has been selected for classic and sport styles, you may use our all wood mens watch for daily and business casual usage. A wrist wood watch has different place in fashion world due to its functionality.


There are a lot of cheap and overpriced wood watches in the world, we are offering affordable price and the highest quality components for mens watch with wood. High quality woods, Swiss movement and sapphire crystal glass being used at all of the Svenn wood watches. Thanks to these features, we are offering maximum quality with affordable price to you.

The most important difference of a wooden watch that it is coming from nature, 100% natural and high quality woods at body of the watch. You will find various wood types as Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Teak and Zebrawood. These woods are being grown at all around the World as East Africa (Mozambique), Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and West Africa (Congo). Also, the most important thing that a mens wooden wrist watch is made from little trash parts of trees. I addition, Svenn Watches company supports One Tree Planted which is world-wide community working for reforestation, conservation and protection of endangered forests across the world.


All components of our wood watches are selected for high level of quality. Movement mechanism has a key role of the watch for sustainability. We are using Ronda Swiss movement for all of our watches, Ronda is one of the manufacturer which is producing movements for long years with world-wide standards. Ronda mechanism runs with silence, has long life battery and suitable for using long years without any problem. We advise you to have awareness of movement manufacturer when you choose your wood watch, it is the most important thing of a watch.

You may not pay attention to the glass of your watch at daily usages and you can’t reach to perfect view with a scratched glass. Sapphire crystal glass is used at all Svenn watches not to have problems like this. Sapphire glass is the hardest material after diamond and produced by using special methods. Mineral glass is used at low quality watches and mineral glass tend to get scratched.


People get a gift at days as Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, valentine day, father’s and mother’s days. All wood mens watches are good accessories for men and also one of the best gift options. Svenn wood watches are the most memorable choice to make feel special and impress. You may add special notes to your watch with engraving options and you make more special your gift. 
Feel the time, live the life, flatter yourself...