Nowadays, combined dresses, shoes or accessories as watches with beloved ones are so stylish. Svenn Watches created wood watch designs to combine collections with your lover, so you may show your harmony by our couples wooden watches. Additionally, Svenn Wood Watches are pure and 100% natural like your love. Is there anything wonderful as elapsing time together? You may create your style uniquely with our sport and classic designed wooden watches.

Also, you will feel calming effect of the nature with your real wood watches and make happy your lover. You can specialize your wooden watch with our engraving options, certain font and handwriting. You can use certain fonts or your handwriting to create your design, in this way your feelings engraved watch.


Svenn wood watches have been designed with matched woods and color combinations. High quality woods have been used besides perfect appearance, also high quality materials have been used to ensure long life usage. We offer high quality with fair prices. The most important difference of a Svenn Watch is being 100% natural, no any chemical ingredients. The most durable wood materials, Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Teak, Zebrawood and Purpleheart, are used at our wood watches.

These woods are being grown at all around the World as West Africa (Congo), Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and East Africa (Mozambique). Also, couples wooden watches are made from little trash parts of trees, these trash parts are converted to the best accessories. I addition, Svenn Watches works with One Tree Planted which is world-wide community working for reforestation, conservation and protection of endangered forests across the world.


One of the main difference is Swiss movement, after high quality and 100% natural woods. Swiss movements are globally known with durability and reliability for long years. No doubt that everyone wants to use Swiss movement watch, we use Ronda manufacturer movements at our all watches to ensure the best quality to our customers.

The other important difference from other wooden watches that is using sapphire crystal glass at all Svenn wood watches. A scratch makes the watch unusable and nobody wants to wear scratched glass watch. Svenn watches uses sapphire crystal glass at all the watches not to have problems like this. The hardest material after diamond is sapphire crystal glass and produced by using special methods. Mineral glass is used at low quality watches and Mineral glass which is used at low quality watches tends to get scratched. You will find his and hers wooden watches at Svenn Watches store with fair prices. Svenn Watches has combined luxury and affordable price to reach every buyer.


Giving gift to beloved one is very nice opinion and it makes people happy. When you use our couple wooden watch series you may feel same things with your beloved one. Also, you may specialize your watch, by writing special notes, anniversary and maybe birthdays.