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svenn for wood watch manufacturıng

For centuries, in every industry taking a place wood is in usage, sometimes for our main needs sometimes for our accessories sometimes for artistic products. There is no need to say that wood is valuable and miracle material. Nowadays, wood is symbol of esthetic, elegant and nature.

One of the most important part of our daily accessories wooden watches are so valuable and trendy. Wooden watches become rivals of metal or leather stripped watches. We design to feel miracle texture and smell of wood.

Meaning of SVENN is master at Norway language and we, as Svenn Wood Watches, inspire from wood engraving master VIKINGS who facilitated by advanced sailing experience at Scandinavia region. We convert wooden in this shape with an artistic touch. Than we combine the wood with Swiss mechanism which are known worldwide. We present our collection to your like.  You may find your best in our men, women or couple collection. Let’s find out Svenn Wood Watch World and choose a watch for yourself.



Do you need a durable, elegant watch but are allergic to metal? Are you looking for a unique present for a friend or a family member who likes to stand out from the crowd? Do you need a perfect 5-year wedding anniversary gift for your spouse? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you have come to the right place! Svenn Watches offers premium-quality wooden watches for sale at affordable prices. Our company is run by young entrepreneurs inspired by the latest trends. Driven by the eco-friendly movement in fashion, we have created an ultimate modern watch that combines the trendy simplistic design, natural materials, and Swiss quality mechanism. Having a Svenn watch on your wrist sends a powerful message to the others which says that you care about the environment and your health! 


Sustainable material
Wood is a 100% natural material that is renewable. Processing wood requires much less energy than metalwork which helps cut on carbon emission. What is more, wood has a fantastic ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. So by donning a wood watch, you help clean the air from pollution.

Svenn original wood grain watches are non-toxic. Our artisans don’t use any harsh chemicals or toxic finishes. Rest assured: your skin will not absorb any harmful ingredients from our accessories.

Wood watches are salvation for those allergic to metals. Say goodbye to skin rashes, irritation or discoloration!

Wood bracelet weighs half as much as the metal one which makes it twice as comfortable. However, unlike another light material – plastic – wood is more durable and ages well.


At our online store, you can purchase fabulous wood watches at reasonable prices. We have something for everyone – men, women, and even a collection of couple watches! Browse the catalog, find the design you like, and click “Add to cart” to proceed to checkout. Svenn Watches offers a wide choice, excellent customer service, secure payment system, and swift delivery. We ship our products worldwide and cover the shipping expenses completely. Haven’t found exactly what you need? No problem! Svenn Watches artisans are always ready to customize the design according to your wishes or add a beautiful engraving. We give 1-year warranty on every watch that we sell. Why? Because our original wood grain watches have Swiss mechanisms from Ronda - a renowned watch movement company that produces the most reliable mechanisms in the world. What is more, each watch has a sapphire crystal glass that does not scratch or crack. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Make your time on this planet count with eco-friendly wood watches from Svenn!


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